MBBS in Russia

With time, MBBS has become the most sought after course in India and lack of medical colleges coax students to choose MBBS study in Russia. Medical in Russia is extremely popular in India due to a number of features, including world class faculties, latest equipment and low fees. Since 1996, many Indian students who were passionate to become doctor joined Russian medical colleges. Over these 25 years, more than 6,000 doctors have returned back to India and practicing in numerous hospitals. While, many have settled abroad working in various hospitals after completing their MBBS study in Europe.

Medical colleges Russia are recognized by MCI; therefore the number of admissions from India has been increasing to the great extent. Low-cost Russia MBBS colleges have latest devices so that they are attracting many Indian students. Medical education in Russia is famous across the globe for being affordable. Indian students prefer study in Russia as Russian degrees are valid by medical council of India (MCI).

Keep following aspects in mind while searching medical universities in Russia:

  • Take guidance from Career Convey to avoid any misunderstanding 
  • Get admission in Top Rated Medical Schools 
  • Always take expert opinion if planning for overseas MBBS admissions 
  • Not all study mbbs abroad would suit you, so prior research advised

MBBS Universities in Russia


Russia is one in all the wanted destinations for education among international students. They provide the proper setting and atmosphere for higher learning. Teaching within the country is provided by each public and personal establishment. Ministry of education that lies underneath the country is answerable for licensing and certification of the upper education establishments. 

  • Endless prospects.
  • Low course fees.
  • Great accommodation facilities.
  • Well equipped hospitals with tertiary care.
  • Advanced teaching facilities.


The best hostel with all amenities yet as washer / fridge / household appliance / TV / Wi-Fi / improvement house / shower and built many hospitals once further worth regarding $ 100 per house month. Alternative basic services and Wi-Fi worth around $50-$60 per month. Students should buy their food in supermarkets settled at intervals the construction of the hostel or from supermarkets close to and may cater for themselves at intervals the room set in its block. Gas and electricity bills unit engulfed at intervals the changes the hostel.


  • Low cost Tuition Fee
  • Easy Admission Procedure
  • No entrance exams, No Donations
  • Affordable fee & Low cost of living
  • WHO, MCI Recognised Best Medical colleges
  • English medium MBBS course in Russia
  • Emphasis on smart aspects in teaching
  • Comfortable hostel accommodation on field
  • Perfect academic, sport and diversion facilities
  • Well equipped hospitals with tertiary care
  • One of the best education systems in Europe & Asia
  • European life standard

Admission Process for MBBS in Russia

Fill up application form on-line or take help from our consultants and fill up the form Submit copy of passport, copies of certificate of proof of higher education (school leaving certificates), transcripts of records Student can receive AN admission letter once he or she has submitted these documents Once admission has been confirmed by the university, the Department of Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation can begin with the method of issue the official invite letter for study The student, after receiving the invitation letter has to visit the embassy or diplomatic building of the Russian Federation in his or her country for a student visa. They will want the subsequent documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Visa form punctually stuffed
  • Two passport size identical photos with white background measure 35 mm X 45mm
  • Visa support letter from university or college
  • Copy of admission letter from university or college
  • Medical certificate
  • On receiving the stamped visa, students can leave for Russia

Top Universities in Russia

Direct Admission in Mari State University Russia, Apply for MBBS Admission in Mari State University.

Bashkir State Medical University is the oldest leading medical university in Russia. Bashkir State Medical University is ranked among the Top Ten best Russian Medical Universities.

Russia is that the largest country within the world. It covers 9 time zones and therefore the official language within the country is Russian. National capital is that the capital of the country. Russia ranks ninth among the few most thickly settled countries within the world. Russia offers stunning places to new guests and could be a picturesque country. Pedagogy in Russia started with the institution of universities in St. beleaguering and national capital. The length of the bachelor's degree is four years that is followed by a master's program that continues for two years. Foreigners visiting the country have to be compelled to have a valid passport and visa.
Russia possesses the territory that lies in the middle of Europe and the North Pacific Ocean. It reaches out through every single climatic zone with the exception of tropical. Russia stretches out over a territory of 10,672,000 miles .The northern district is secured by coniferous backwoods, tundra and wetlands. Just 8% of the aggregate area is arable. A significant part of the nation is secured by endless fields. Russian domain comprises of unlimited fields. In the eastern areas, mountains are. The nation is a noteworthy wellspring of mineral assets. A vast piece of Russian region is in the mild zone. Western Russia comprises of low levels. Cobalt, platinum, silver and gold are a portion of the mineral stores are in Russia. Volga is the nation's primary stream, which streams into the Caspian Sea.

The first Russian kinsfolk were supported by Northman Rurik in 862. The Mongols invaded the country in 1237. Most of the main cities were destroyed by the Mongols. In 1980s, the country began to expertise provide shortages. Foreign merchandise began to flood into the country.

Russia encompasses a vivid history that may be a mixture of market economy and socialism Unity was led to among the various communities through Christianity that Russians began to follow. The central power was command by the dukes of capital within the eleventh century. Mongols destroyed the dominion of capital. By 1861, thraldom was abolished within the country. On thirtieth Dec 1922, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic was established. Within the year 1999, Vladimir Putin became president in Russia.

Comfortable accommodation decisions area unit accessible within the country for international students. You'll be able to reside with a number family World Health Organization is chosen by the university. You'll build a alternative of college dormitories which might be set-aside at lower prices. If you would like to measure severally, you have got the selection of living in a private flat that aren't aloof from the university. Nearly all accommodation choices within the country area unit well equipped.
If you have chosen Russia for higher educational pursuits, you need not worry about food. For Indian students who have enrolled in a medical program Indian restaurants offer a home away from home experience. Several restaurants offer delectable Indian cuisine. Aroma is a eating place that offers preserved lassi and Vada sambar on with a variety of Indian dishes. At Devi, the students can cater to the Indian taste buds by ordering a filling thali. Vegetarians can try out the cuisine at Ganga. It is famous for its Palak paneer and veg rice. Maharajah is one of the oldest restaurants in Moscow where Indian students are welcomed by warm and friendly staff.
The rail network in the country is highly developed. You can travel in the bus and train services in order to cover distances within the country. Trains can be comfortable for long journeys. You can exchange bus tickets from trams and trolley buses. To avail official taxis you need to order them in advance. Having a rough idea about the rates can always be helpful before travelling.
Climate varies across the vast country. The two seasons which Russians experience is winter and summer. Spring and autumn can be experienced briefly. Winters in the northern region are harsh and long. The southern half of the country is warmer. Harvest of vegetables and fruits is possible in this weather. By the finish of might Russians will go out while not heat wear. Some Russian cities experience extreme weather. Southern Russia, which is close to seashores, is a favoured holiday destination where people travel to get tanned.
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