MBBS in Philippines

With the emergence of Philippines into an education hub in the last few decades, many students prefer study in Philippines today. The island country has been attracting international students from several Asian as well as European nations for medical education purpose. The establishment of many universities for medicine education has popularized study Philippines. It is definitely a good option for the aspiring students to pursue medicine courses. International students also enjoy the wonderful climatic condition and weather of this country while they Study mbbs in Philippines. Another important factor for every international students preference is that this country offers comparatively cheaper course.

Medicine in Philippines is globally acclaimed and very similar to that of the USA. The medical course in Philippines is called the MD program. Medical colleges of Philippines possess magnificent infrastructure, highly qualified faculty, and world-class education.

MBBS Universities in Philippines


Quality medical education as recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), IMED of ECFMG- USA, MCI, FAIMER, USMLE and similar different bodies. Modern teaching ways with first-rate facilities and equipped with the well-established infrastructure, Option to begin engaged on preparation for the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) to check Post Graduate Degrees. 

  • Asian country with shut proximity to India
  • Easy accessibility with many daily flights
  • Extensive info and syllabus similar as in India
  • Excellent boarding and lodging provided by the university.


  • Indian Food accessible
  • Ideal student-patient ratio
  • Well equipped Laboratories
  • Computer centres with Wi-Fi
  • Affordable value of education
  • In house gymnasium facilities
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots at intervals campus
  • Excellent hands on apply
  • Separate Hostel for each boys and girls.
  • 5.5 years for complete degree
  • Availability of Indian food for students.


  • 100 percent English Medium.
  • Set 1/2km from Hindu Temple / Gurudwara
  • USA / Yankee pattern of Education followed
  • Nine kilometre from Indian Embassy in Manila
  • English is Official Language of the Philippines
  • Low fees, Low value of life & prime quality Education
  • Set in Manila – thirteen kilometre from international airfield
  • Listed in IMED Directory – USMLE – half I & II are often worn out Manila
  • Listed in UN agency Directory – Eligible to apply in Republic of India post MCI registration

Admission Process for MBBS in Philippines

Prior to following these courses, students have to be compelled to have a Bachelor's degree in biology, medical technology, nursing, therapy and pharmacy. Candidates have to be compelled to pass National Medical Assessment check to register to those courses. International students need to submit a photocopy of their official transcripts and certificates, mark sheet of their secondary examination and bachelor degree to those universities. you furthermore may have to be compelled to submit a photocopy of your credential. Secure your seats for your medical degree while not paying all fees. simple pay choices on the market. Please contact for any other mbbs abroad data.
Philippines is additionally called Republic of Philippines is AN earth island of geographic region settled within the Pacific Ocean. It is better-known for its made diversity and abundance in natural resources. It is thought-about to be twelfth inhabited country within the world. The accomplishment rate of the country is some ninety three. The country is home to folks from completely different quality and cultural background. Manila is that the capital of the country and Quezon City the most inhabited city.
The Philippines are an archipelago of over 7,000 islands lying concerning 500 mi (805 km) off the southeast coast of Asia. The acreage is equivalent to that of Arizona. Solely concerning seven-member of the islands is larger than one area unit, and solely tierce have names. The most important are Luzon within the north (40,420 sq mi; 104,687 sq km), island within the south (36,537 sq mi; 94,631 sq km), and Visayas (23,582 sq mi; 61,077 sq km). The islands are of volcanic origin, with the larger ones crossed by mountain ranges. The very best peak is Mount Apo (9,690 ft; 2,954 m) on island.

The Philippines is known as once King Philip II of European nation (1556-1598) and it had been a Spanish colony for over three hundred years. Today the Philippines square measure AN earth of 7,000 islands.

In 1935 the Philippines were created a commonwealth and were semi-independent. Manuel Quezon became president. The USA secure that the Philippines would become utterly freelance in 1945.

In December 1941 Japan attacked the United States of America fleet at Pearl Harbor. On ten December 1941 Japanese troops invaded the Philippines. By half-dozen might 1942 all of the Philippines were in Japanese hands. However Yankee troops came back to the Philippines in Gregorian calendar month 1944. They recaptured Manila in February 1945.

The Philippines became freelance on four Gregorian calendar months 1946. Manuel Roxas was the primary president of the freshly freelance nation.

Today impoverishment within the Philippines continues to be common. But within the initial years of the twenty first century the Philippine economy grew at regarding five-hitter a year. The Philippines suffered with the recession of 2009. The Philippines recovered and these days there's reason to be optimistic for the longer term.

In 2012 Philippine legislators voted for a crucial reform. They voted for state funding of contraceptives and sex education in faculties despite bitter opposition from the church. Today the population of the Philippines is 103 million.

On campus accommodation for international students is obtainable. Hostel rooms have hooked up loos, with single, double or triple beds. Each cool and non-air conditioned room's square measure out there as per the selection of the individual students.
Combination of Asian, American, Chinese and Hispanic influence alongside native ingredients makes a Filipino cooking totally different and distinctive. a number of the renowned dishes area unit lichen, adobo, lumpia, sinigang, tapa and pancit. Within the canteen of the colleges, an excellent vary of cooking is obtainable. Indian Foods additionally out there. Indian students can get the feel of home at the Indian restaurants in the country.
Students ought to reach the international airport, and representatives of the universities receive international students on arrival. You'll be able to avail buses, taxies, Train, motorized tricycles to urge round the country.

The Climate of the Philippines is tropical and maritime. It's characterised by comparatively extreme temperature, high wetness and plentiful downfall. It's similar in several respects to the climate of the countries of Central America. Temperature, humidity, and downfall, that are mentioned hereafter, are the foremost necessary components of the country's weather and climate.


Based on the common of all weather stations within the Philippines, excluding Baguio, the mean annual temperature is 26.6o C. the best months falls in Jan with a mean temperature of 25.5oC whereas the warmest month happens in May with a mean temperature of 28.3oC. Latitude is associate insignificant think about the variation of temperature whereas altitude shows bigger distinction in temperature. Thus, the mean associational temperature of Baguio with an elevation of 1,500 meters is 18.3oC. This makes the temperature of Baguio comparable those within the temperate climate and since of this, it's called the summer capital of the Philippines.


Using temperature and downfall as bases, the climate of the country is divided into 2 major seasons: (1) the time of year, from Gregorian calendar month to November; and (2) the dry season, from December to might. The dry season is also divided any into (a) the cool dry season, from December to February; and (b) the recent dry season from March to May.

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