Capital University Courses

Capital University Courses

Capital University is located in Koderma, Jharkhand. This university was set up in the year 2018 by the Government of Jharkhand as per section 2(f) of UGC act 1956 by honourable governor of Jharkhand.

Capital University Courses and Details

It is a non-profit global university. Capital University was established as a philanthropic initiative of the CCSE society. It is one of the few universities in entire Asia that maintains a 1:30 faculty-student ratio and has been appointing faculty members from India and also from the different parts of the world. The faculty appointed have outstanding academic qualification and experience. Capital University is basically s a research-intensive university, deeply committed to its core institutional values. It sticks to interdisciplinary and innovative pedagogy. It also ranks higher in terms of globalism and international engagement.

Courses Offered:

1.    Agriculture:

The faculty of agriculture department has a good infrastructure. This area covers the scientific and educational activities in the area of farming, growing fruits and viticulture, livestock management, crop protection and food productions, technology, biochemistry and agro-economics. The faculty of farming conducts lectures, exercises, professional practices and other forms of teaching. It has undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses. Examinations for people pursuing diploma courses are also conducted. Apart from these brain tests and several other classroom exercises. It offers undergraduate courses for a duration of 3 years.

The undergraduate courses that they offer include the following:

·      Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Agriculture

·      Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Agriculture

2.    Business Studies:

The words “industry and business” refer to that part of a business which is apprehensive with the extraction, production or fabrication of products. The products which would be produced by the industry would directly be consumed by the consumer or by another for some further production. If the matters produced are consumed by final consumers then it is termed “consumer goods” whereas if its usage is extended for further production then it is known as capital goods.

The courses offered by this part of faculty include:

·      Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com):

This course is for 3 years and a 12th pass is the eligibility criteria.

·      Master of Commerce (M.Com):

This course is for 2 years and the candidate should be a graduate in any discipline.

3.    Engineering:

It contains all departments of engineering namely mechanical, civil and electrical. The faculty trains its students to become perfect engineers so that they can receive good job opportunities across the globe. All the diploma courses offered by the university extend for long 3 years.

The various disciplines offered by this course are as follows:

·      Diploma in Civil Engineering

·      Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

·      Diploma in Automobile

·      Diploma in Electrical

·      Diploma in Computer Science

·      Diploma in Electronics and Communication

4.    Humanities:

The stream of humanities refers to the studies about human culture such as literature, philosophy and history. To study humanities is to know about society, its people, about their culture and their history.

The different courses that the university offers include:

·      Bachelor of Arts (B.A):

The duration of this course is 3 years and the eligibility required is 12th pass.

·      Masters of Arts (M.A):

Masters Degree is for 2 years and the eligibility of a candidate is that he/ she should be a graduate.

5.    IT/ CS:

This course is the study of computer science, the study of computers basically which also includes their designs and their uses for computations data processing and systems control. The field of computer science includes all the engineering activities such as the design of computers and also of hardware and software that makes up the computer systems.

The courses provided in this part of the faculty are:

·      Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA):

This course extends for a duration of 3 years.

·      Master of Computer Applications (MCA):

The duration of this course is 3 years.

·      Master of Science (M.Sc):

The duration of this course is 2 years.

·      Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA):

This course continues for one year.

6.    Management:

If someone is considering to own a business in the near future and has interests in management studies or so should take admission in the management section of Capital University. Management is anyway necessary for an organised lifestyle. Good management is the backbone of all successful businesses and organisations. Management is the key to achieve all the goals set in life.

The courses offered by the faculty include:

·      Bachelor of Business Application (BBA):

The duration of the course is 3 years and the eligibility required is graduation.

·      Master of Business Application (MBA):

The duration of the course is 2 years and the eligibility required is 12th pass.

7.    Para Medical:

Para Medical is related to services and professions which supplement and support medical work but do not demand a fully qualified doctor. Each of the Para Medical courses extends for a duration of 2 years.

The various disciplines offered in the course of Para Medical:

·      Diploma in Optometry

·      Diploma in General Duty Assistant

·      Diploma in CT Scan Technician

·      Diploma in X-Ray Technology

·      Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology

·      Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

·      Diploma in Anaesthesia

·      Diploma in Dialysis Technology

8.    Science Courses:

Science is considered as the most important field as anything devoid of scientific explanations is futile in terms of existence. Science courses have a wide range of subjects. The learners in the field of science are children adults or anyone within the general public. The field of science education includes work in science content, science process, social science and some teaching pedagogy.

The courses offered include:

·      Bachelor of Science (B.Sc):

This is a course of 3 years. The eligibility required is 12th pass.

·      Master of Science (M.Sc):

This is a 2 years course and the eligibility required is graduation.

9.    Social Studies:

Social studies is an important subject as it is every individual’s duty to know about the society and work for its betterment. Social studies disciplines are defined and recognised by the academic journals in which contents or matters researched by the students are published and they learn social sciences of societies and academic faculties or departments to which their practitioners belong.

The courses offered are:

·      Bachelor of Social Work (BSW):

This is a course of 3 years. The eligibility required is 12th pass.

·      Masters of Social Work (MSW):

This is a 2 years course and the required eligibility is graduation.

10.     Diploma in Mining:

The course diploma in mining includes studies of in the field of mining. People who prefer field-work like that in coal mines or in any other mines can pursue a diploma in mining.

Admission Procedure of Capital University:

For enrolling in the Master’s course offered by Capital University, candidates need to be a graduate in their respective domains. However, for applying for the graduate courses, you must have passed the 10+2 level of examination with Physics, Chemistry Mathematics/ Biology as the compulsory subjects. The students seeking to take admission in the technical courses must have appeared for any of the state level entrance examinations like AIEEE and JEE, etc. Only a valid test score would be taken into consideration. In case a candidate has not appeared for the above-said examinations, they need to sit for the entrance test conducted solely by the university. All fees would be accepted through demand draft which must be drawn in favour of “Capital University” which would be payable at Koderma. However, CUJ reserves complete right to revise the fees structure.

No application form will be accepted unless you have produced the eligibility documents and paid the corresponding fees.

Library Facilities:

The campus facilities include a huge library. Greater awareness of themselves as learners, greater is the understanding amongst themselves. Consistency of approach is strictly maintained. The development of a set of transferable skills, clearly articulated assessment task expectations persists.

Wi-Fi Facilities:

The campus of the university totally Wi-Fi zoned. The Wi-Fi connection ensures the highest network connections so that the students can access the internet whenever they wish to. Wi-Fi is available in the classrooms, in the library and in every corner of the campus.

Well-equipped Lab & Classroom Facilities:

·      High Tech computer labs:

There are high tech computer labs which provide the best computer services to the students of computer engineering. There is a wide range of software tools and skilled mentors to guide the students.

·      Modern Classrooms:

Classrooms are highly digitalised. Teachings are conducted through smart classes. There are HD LED television sets and projectors installed in the classrooms.

Hostel Facilities:

Hostel Facilities are available for both girls and boys. Hostel rooms are under tight security. Cleanliness is ensured as rooms and corridors are cleaned on a regular basis.

Capital University though newly established is striving to touch heights in terms of academics and every other facility as well. It provides a deluge of courses and students can easily choose a suitable course for themselves.


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